KFC Style Gravy

I am surprised when I learn that dishes I hold dear and assume others do as well, turn out not to be liked at all by those others.  For example - take fries and gravy, the old standard in many restaurants in Canada.  In the US they do not serve gravy on fries except in some restaurants along the border.  If you ask for gravy with your fries in most places you are met by the server staring at you like you have two heads and one of them is making a face at him or her.

The gravy at KFC in Canada is different than the KFC in the States, regionally adjusted to the palates of the locals I assume, but I love KFC gravy regardless of the locale, though I don’t eat it but once or twice a year for fear of the massive coronary it could unleash if it was a regular accompaniment in my diet. But once or twice a year?  What could possibly go wrong? I seldom eat fries also, but if they’re fresh cut and good gravy is available, I’m your man. Then I feel guilty for days afterwards but I get over it in time and get tempted and fail again.

As Susan and I were travelling through the Southwest States on vacation years ago, we stopped at a KFC for lunch. Once we got to the front of the line we placed our order with the teller, which included French fries and not mashed potatoes as is the norm apparently, then asked for gravy.   

The teller did a classic double take, pausing, then entering the additional item into the electronic register, she stopped, and again, thinking about our order no doubt, looked at both of us like we were two-headed aliens. She then took our money, surrendered the change and headed into the kitchen area.

Once she got close to the kitchen she spoke in a loud voice filled with incredulity to the person in the kitchen, “You won’t be believin’ what just happened!”

“Some guy ordered French fries and then axed me for GRAVY!!!” 


 “Can you be believin’ that?” Tisking and clucking as she spoke the words with apparent shock.

In a loud voice dripping with her heavy accent she then opined, “I ain’t never been axed for gravy for fries ever before!” 

“Unbelievable!” the disembodied voice from the kitchen gasped.

She then offered up her reason for someone ordering such a combination of foods in a voice loud enough to be heard next door, “Must be from Minnesota!”

She returned with the small Styrofoam container of gravy placing it in front of my like it was a radioactive ball of uranium then turned and walked away (waddled really) shaking her head side to side in disbelief. We left laughing at the commentary we endured and I am sure if we had asked for some cheese to go with the fries and gravy it would have tipped her over like a cow in a cow-tipping contest.

Not Quite KFC Gray (BUT CLOSE!)

1 cup chicken stock (Campbell's or Better Than Bouillon)
1 cup beef stock (Campbell's or Better Than Bouillon)
1/3 cup Dan Fells KFC seasoned coating mix
1/4 cup vegetable oil (used deep fry oil is best)
1/2 tsp ground white pepper
1/2 tsp sage
1/2 tsp Accent (I know, I know! But it's in the KFC real thing)
Pinch of cayenne pepper

Place all dry ingredients in a 2 -3 qt sauce pan 

Add vegetable oil to dry ingredients and mix well with a whisk

Place pot over medium heat and continue to whisk to prevent it from sticking, cook for 3 minutes

Once the roux has cooked turn off heat and let cool for 10 minutes

Add the chicken and beef stock to the cooled roux and whisk vigorously to ensure it is very well incorporated and no lumps remain, return to medium heat

Cook over medium heat, stirring continuously until it comes to a light boil, then turn down heat to simmer and cook for 5 minutes

Make some homemade french fries! 

Make some Dan Fell's KFC style chicken

Plate the chicken and fries then smother the fries with copious amounts of gravy and enjoy!!

Notes at bottom of page:

You have to use the Dan Fell KFC coating mix (see recipe elsewhere on this blog), plain flour won't do the trick

If the gravy is too thick, add some more stock

If the gravy is too thin, let it cook over very low heat, it will thicken as it ages on the stove

To get the colour correct use additional beef concentrate to get it to the proper colour

I have had best results with a Campbell's No Salt Chicken stock and Better Than Bouillon Beef concentrate combination. Some recipes call for the cubed bouillon (OXO I suppose) and in a pinch they will work too, just not as good

Cayenne is optional but I like its gentle hit along with the heat of the white pepper

I try to use the cooking oil and fond (stuff at bottom of pot) from a previous chicken fry to make the roux. Simply drain the oil ans save a cup of it and the cooked goodness at the bottom and freeze until needed.

Use Accent! Really...

Now, originally KFC gravy was made with the cooked coating and chicken goodness (fond) from the chicken fryers as a base for the gravy, over time, it seems they have gone to an insipid, tasteless, and joyless gravy mix for ease and profit I suppose.  If you use used oil and fond you can almost get back to the KFC gravy of old!!

Please let me know when you have tried the KFC recipes on the blog by posting a comment on the page.