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Cariboo Beef Sushi; aka - Steak Bites...

Lazy Bastard hasn't had an original thought in his brain - EVER. If he hasn't ripped off an idea from someone or some magazine, then he doesn't have an idea, or even an inking really, and like most foods he serves he ripped off the recipe from someone else and in this case it was stolen from his father.

He blames his father for the fact he wasn't born rich or well hung, always referring to the apple/tree analogy. But he did learn to cook and swear from El Padre and he did receive good looks, wit and charm from his father, but if you ask him, he would still rather have been born well hung. But his Pa always told him, "Son, if you can't be born hung, you might as well be handy, so pass the fucking hammer!"

In any event, he has ripped off many recipes from his father as I mentioned above, and the Steak Bite recipe that follows below is a good example of his recipe theft and I must say that everyone at Snowy Palms is glad he did because it is fantastic and a favourite appetizer when the Twister mat is rolled out for the weekly Co-Ed Naked Twister Gala and Prayer Vigil. Oh, he really isn't that handy either.

He renamed the treats Cariboo Beef Sushi claiming he only uses BC's Cariboo region beef, but that claim is spurious at best. Regardless of the origin of the beef used it is really worth making. Really!

Cariboo Beef Sushi

1/2 cup mayonnaise

2 Tbsp horseradish (not the creamed version)
Dijon mustard  

12 oz lb barbecue steak, sliced thin, 1 1/2" square pieces

3 slices Tramezzini Bread

Toast the bread on both sides

Slice the bread into 12 equal sized pieces

 1 1/2" square! More or less...

Mix the mayonnaise and horseradish together with a pinch of salt and fresh ground pepper

Spread a generous amount on a square of toasted bread

Place a piece of steak on the mayo-covered toast

Add a dollop of Dijon mustard

place a few capers into the mustard

Continue the assembly until the job is complete or you are full

Serve up to waiting guests or simply eat them yourself!

Snowy Palms Resort

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