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Smoking Russians At A Mexican All Inclusive

After a dreary but not interminable winter a few years ago, I decided to take an end of winter break from the BS that surrounds most of us in our day to day life and booked a trip to Mexico. A last minute deal sent three of us (Kaitlyn had to stay behind and go to school) to Cancun Mexico for a week at an all inclusive hotel.

We stayed at a place called The Bellevue Beach Paradise Hotel (Paradise is a gross overstatement at the very least!). As I said, it is an all inclusive hotel for all three meals with the option of going "a la carte" at two onsite restaurants. After a few days of eating at the buffet and then sampling one of the a la cartes I had to get to town to eat some freshly prepared food, and also to get away from the Russians. Oh my. The Russians.

What a disagreeable group of people they were - to be polite. Obnoxious. Rude to the point of hostile. Loud. Drunk most waking moments. And smoke? They elevated smoking to an art form if not an Olympic event. They smoked on the beach (well it should have been a beach, but it turned out it was more akin to an ashtray), in the pool, in the lobby, in the frigging elevators and no doubt in bed. They do love to smoke, an endearing quality for some I suppose.

Being an ex-smoker perhaps I am a tad bit too hostile towards smokers but that is not the case at all in this instance.  When I did smoke I was good at it. I could smoke with the best of them. Depending on the rum consumption the smoking level was extraordinary, legendary even. But that is years behind me and now I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. With a passion...

Smoke in a Mexican bar, go ahead, blow your brains out.  Smoke in your room, I don't care. Smoke on the toilet if that pleases you too. Eat the things for breakfast, I don't care! But don't smoke in the restaurant (thankfully the hotel forbid that), the pool area or the beach! It's a beach people! Not an ashtray! Get it?

My shy demure bride took on an obnoxious jerk from New York when she, (the New Yorker, not my bride) finished smoking her cigarette then tossed it on to the sand at the foot of my beach chair, with me in it! Susan let out a bellow that startled the rude bitch from New York who looked aghast when she discovered it was she whom my bride was yelling at. She gave a dirty look and then sulked away.

Now, it wasn't only rude Russians or Yanks that littered the beach with their cigarette and cigar butts, among the beach and pool areas there were Brits, Mexicans and sadly, more than a few asshole Canucks too. I could not believe what I was seeing.

As a smoker I traveled a fair bit and spent time smoking on beaches as well. But never did I place a cigarette butt into the sand. Ever! Kids played there. People laid there and I did not want to be considered some rude doofus from Canada by an onlooker to my smoking. Bad enough I was fouling the air in my immediate area to the displeasure of many no doubt (I'm sorry! I truly am sorry!), but to leave butts behind was unconscionable.

The next place I travel to for an extended stay will be researched prior to booking to ensure it is a non smoking property and hopefully a Russian free property. And all inclusive? Not again. Unless it's cheap. Because God knows I love a bargain...

End of Rant...

Anyway, by the time I got home and began the epic fight that I endured due to Montezuma's Revenge, I was craving a good home cooked meal. After consuming a lot of Bars Leak, Tylenol and Malox I took on the challenge of my wok and made the family a great Canadian dinner. Cantonese Black Pepper Sauce Chicken served with Japanese rice. The Canadian part was the chicken. I offer it to you below.

Black Pepper Sauce Chicken Recipe

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