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Update! Hot off the press...

Questions have been asked of me about the access to the stories and recipes that were previously posted on the If It's Smoking, It's Done blog (click on the link below, unless of course you're reading this on the Blog, then don't click it, you're already here).

 If It's Smoking, It's Done

All the stories and news reports regarding Snowy Palms Resort will be posted to the Snowy Palms Resort Facebook Page, including the ones removed from this Blog - I will post them as I get a chance to review and re-edit them along with posting new reports as they happen.  You can find the Snowy Palms Resort Facebook Page by clicking on the link below:

Snowy Palms Resort

If there happens to be food discussed in future Snowy Palms Resort updates I will place a link to this site for any recipe that is referred to in that update.

The stories and recipes that were posted here previously will be republished again here as they are re-edited.

I won't combine recipes with stories, instead, they will be posted separately as will any story that springs forth from my mind. So the previous postings will be split and re-posted in separate postings and that will happen over the next short/long while.

In addition to recipes I wreak havoc with I will ask others to send me a story and/or pictures of any recipe/story for posting here.  They will be edited to ensure they aren't funnier than mine (if indeed mine are funny at all) and I ask you now to think about what you can add to this as I look to morph it a wee bit. I have friends and family that are dynamite cooks/chefs and many of you can spin a yarn as well, so...

If you like the new format and/or the Facebook page please share at with others in your circle, share the Facebook post to your Facebook timeline! This blog page has a sharing function as well and I ask that you share it also. Please!!!!  Don't make me beg!!!!

Finally.  The oft times mentioned but never seen Cookbook is complete and now I look to get it through a final professional edit and formatted into something that is ready for printing.  With no illusions of grandeur such as New York Times Best Seller List or an Oprah Book Club mention I will print (publish?) it through a vanity publisher and it will one day be ready for prime time, however editing a manuscript is expensive as is vanity publishing/printing so the process may take a while. If any of you know of a good but inexpensive editor I'm all ears, or eyes as it were, so please pass along any names, as well, a decent vanity publisher recommendation would be welcome.  Just email me or message me through Facebook or at the Blog site. Maybe I'll Crowdfund it? If Kanye can get Crowdfunded  there may be faint hope for me...

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