Tasty Japanese Beef Curry - The easy/peasey version

Japanese Beef Curry

Follow directions on the box and you will be fine, or use mine below.

I use stewing beef or chuck when making this so it needs to cook for a couple of hours to tenderize, but the resulting flavour it is worth the wait.  I have also substituted chicken for the beef occasionally and it was fantastic as well, just don't cook it to death.

Normally I substitute Campbell's No Sodium Added Beef Broth in place of the water the instructions call for. It adds a depth to the flavour and no additional salt. The roux is salty enough.

1 lb stewing beef or chuck cut into 2" cubes
1/2 package Japanese curry roux (Kokumaro is a common one and available in varying degrees of heat - we like the hot one)

One of the brands available in the supermarkets

When removed from box there are 2 trays and they are sealed like this

Cover removed from tray

Block of curry roux

Block of curry roux broken into pieces
4 cups water or no salt beef broth

4 cups vegetables of your choice (carrots, peas and celery are what we like to use)


Brown beef in a large heavy pot over high heat.

Once beef has browned add water or beef stock and bring to a boil.  Once at boiling turn down heat to simmer and cook for 1 hour or until beef starts to get tender.
Once beef begins to get tender add the curry roux to the simmering stock and stir well until the roux is melted into the stock and it begins to thicken up. Stir to prevent sticking. Add as much roux as you need to get the consistency to the thickness you prefer.

Add the vegetables to the thickened gravy and cook until done, stirring occasionally. Note that I cook the carrots and celery before adding the peas.

Once the carrots are cooked add the peas just before serving. No one likes wimpy peas.

Place over steamed rice and serve hot. Enjoy!

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